Training Program on Decentralization and Local Government Mechanisms

27 March 2018 1339 Views

The Center for Strategic and Diplomatic Studies organized the first training session of its program on decentralization in Tunisia, which focuses on planned local government mechanisms.

The session, held in in Yasmine Hammamet, brought together local and regional cadres, who received training from journalists, jurists and civil society activists. The participants are important local and regional actors who enrich local and regional governance and are key to the success of decentralization .As documented in many studies, Tunisian local and regional authorities face multiple problems including understanding and adopting the new decentralization reforms, and particularly the capacity to implement new mechanisms.

At the end of the session, the Head of the Center for Strategic and Diplomatic Studies, Dr. RafikAbdessalem ,highlighted that the Center has been organizing a number of trainings on local governance and decentralization for local and regional actors in order to prepare them to take full responsibility in the future, enable them to meet the challenges of decentralization, and encourage them to open up to new approaches, particularly in relation to involving youth.

Dr. Abdessalem pointed out that the Centre works on a number of challenges, the most important of which is training for civil society and for local and regional councils to enable them to fulfil their responsibilities and solve citizens’ day-to-day problems rather than relying on the central administration to do so.

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