Developing and implementing a united Palestinian political regime

26 April 2018 1553 Views

In cooperation with the Tunisian Centre for Strategic and DiplomaticStudies and theTurkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM),the Vision Center for Political Development held a political seminar in Istanbul entitled "Developing and Implementing a United Palestinian Political Regime". Representatives from a number of Palestinian factions participated in the seminar alongside political and academic figures.

During the event, participants discussed the Palestinian reconciliation plan initiated between Fatah and Hamas after the recent Cairo meeting.

In response to the claims in some media of conflicts between Fatah and Hamas in relation to Hamas maintaining its employees in the public sector and at border crossings, a member of Fatah movement’s Central Committee insisted that the two parties have made serious steps towards making progress on reconciliation.

The two-day seminar allowed participantsto present working papers discussing the next phase and various issues relating to reconciliation, particularly in relation to how to develop and implement a united Palestinian political regime by integrating the various Palestinian factions under one umbrella body capable of facing up to the many challenges currently in the Palestinian and Arab contexts.



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