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Islam and the Tunisian Constitution

Center for Strategic and Diplomatic Studies| 2018-03-08 10:06:06 | 270 vue

Publishing House:  UniversityPublishing Center

PublishingYear: 2015

Number of pages: 501

How do we understand Tunisian Islam or the so-called “Tunisian exception” based on the principles and perspectives within the constitution?

In general, this is the question that Dr.ChakerHoukitries to answer in his book, titled“Islam and the Constitution in Tunisia”, published in French. The book is based on his doctoral dissertation completed at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Tunis. The book includes a preamble, two chapters and a conclusion. The writer endeavors to cover Tunisia’s entire post-independencepolitical experience starting from 1956 until 2010.In the first part, Dr.ChakerHouki highlights the limited presence of Islamic concepts and institutions in post-independenceTunisia. Part two, however, arguesthat despite this limited presence, Islamic concepts and institutions have had asignificant impact when compared with other Arab constitutions.

As stated in Chapter One of the Tunisian constitution, Islam is the religion of the state: “Tunisia is a free, independent and sovereign state. Islam is its religion, Arabic its language, and the republic its form of government”. Indeed, Tunisia‘s Islamic model adheres to human rights and strives to keep up with modernity and the current age. It is distinguished by an overall conception of an Islamic state governed by human laws, as interpreted and applied by an administrative judiciary.

The book is particularly interesting as it examines how the Tunisian legislative, judicial and executive authorities apply Islam. In a sense, it is a modern conception of Islam that embraces the world’s changing context and needs while, at the same time, respecting and preserving its principles and values.

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