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Behind the Scenes in the Middle East from the Cold War to the Present


The book recounts the details of an ongoing conflictual battle for authority between America and the Soviet Union, and their dogged determination to dominate Arab countries.It alsoprovides a testimony of Soviet-Israeli relations.Over 12 chapters,Primakov takes the reader on a tour of the corridors of power in Egypt, Syria and Iraq, as well as Israel and Iran. His story reflects avibrant careerspanning 50years during whichhe witnessed Palestine’s struggleagainst Zionism, conflict with the West, the failure of Arab unity, the relationship with Israel, Iran ‘s changing position in the Middle East, and, finally, the Arab Spring.

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Center for Strategic and Diplomatic Studies

The Center for Strategic and Diplomatic Studies is a research institution covering a large regional territory, including the Maghreb, Africa and Mediterranean countries, with a focus on Tunisian affairs. The Center has two main headquarters in London and Tunisia.

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